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Today, Lets take a look at one of my favourite  weapons in the game, The Sniper Rifle! the reason why this is one of my favourite weapons is because of its power to instantly kill your opponent if the shot is aimed well. Although it is a hard weapon to aim once you get the hang of it you will have no problem at destroying anyone who comes in the way of you! The only disadvantage for this weapon is that the firing effect has no damage towards Vehicle `s so when attacking Vehicles a secondary weapon is recommended, Lets take a look at what ” GameFAQs ” has to say about the weapon and the strengths and weaknesses.

========== Strengths: ========== > Two levels of zoom. > Amazingly accurate. > Actually quite powerful as well; will OHKO most enemy infantry (excluding Droidekas) with a single head shot. But hitting them in the body hurts too. > Very unique; there's no other weapon in the game designed for long-range shooting. > PERFECT for shooting exposed heads. I once tried simply zooming in on one laser turret, where the head is normally exposed, then sniping whoever got in it! It was quite amusing to watch

=========== Weaknesses: =========== > If you miss, you'll probably be spotted after a while. > When zooming, you can't see anything else around you. > Fairly small ammo limit. > Useless against vehicles.

About starwarsbloggers

My name is Adrian Cox, a typical 16 year old teenager! Im currently in year 11 and have a school-based traineeship in "Horticulture". My hobbies involve music, exercising, sports, spending time with my girlfriend, going out with my family, and just socialising with my good mates. Im friendly, have an upbeat personality and always up to meeting new people. I love being set a challenge and always do my best to rise to the occasion. Although at times I tend to slack off and get distracted by other tasks easily. One thing I like to do when im not down at the beach or out and about is gaming! My blogs on this site will be based around one of my all time favourite games " Star Wars Battlefront 2" and I will be sharing my personal experience and my thoughts towards the game, So may the force be with you!
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