Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Yoda VS Darth Vader







Hello Gamers!
The Question is Yoda or Darth Vader? …. who would be your prefered Jedi to battle out the galaxy with? I think this is the most all time ask question as to who has the greater power out of these leaders of the sith and republic.
My personal thoughts towards this question would be swaying towards Yoda being my most prefered character to play as. I love his ability to be able to dash around the various maps and his extreme powers that are unfolded within his character. Both Characters have similar skills, except for Darth Vader being able to use Force choke and Yoda given the power to Force pull, making it up to the gamer to decide who they most prefer playing with. Throughout the game I Believe we are shown a real experience from both sides of the Alliance, have characters such as these two which show great power and add a real gaming experience to this all time great Star Wars game. 
But the question is left to you ….. Who is your Favourite, Yoda or Darth Vader?

About starwarsbloggers

My name is Adrian Cox, a typical 16 year old teenager! Im currently in year 11 and have a school-based traineeship in "Horticulture". My hobbies involve music, exercising, sports, spending time with my girlfriend, going out with my family, and just socialising with my good mates. Im friendly, have an upbeat personality and always up to meeting new people. I love being set a challenge and always do my best to rise to the occasion. Although at times I tend to slack off and get distracted by other tasks easily. One thing I like to do when im not down at the beach or out and about is gaming! My blogs on this site will be based around one of my all time favourite games " Star Wars Battlefront 2" and I will be sharing my personal experience and my thoughts towards the game, So may the force be with you!
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