Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Vehicles …… AT – AT Review!



Hello to all Gamers out there, 
Today ill be discussing my all time favourite Star Wars Vehicle the ” AT- AT ” . It is built with such power and destruction and has incredible fire-power and armour. Lets take a look at what ” Strategywiki” commeneted about the AT-AT and the review they gave it. 


A gargantuan, lumbering craft that doubles as a spawn point and carries incredible firepower and armor. Two giant blaster cannons can make trouble for infantry, while a tremendously powerful particle cannon can shoot down snowspeeders, shatter turrets and scatter clumps of infantry.

  • Appears on: Hoth
  • Critical Hit: Neck, upper leg


Although the AT-AT is built with such power and destruction it still falls short of being ” undestructable” 
having critical hit spots on the Neck and Upper Leg, one Vehicle that is able to take down the AT-AT is the Snowspeeder. The rear gunner is armed only with a magnetic harpoon with which to tangle an AT-AT’s legs (here’s how this works: the pilot flies near an AT-AT, the gunner fires the harpoon at it, and the pilot keeps spinning around the walker until it trips). Doing this makes Bringing down the AT-AT 10x easier. Another great feature about the AT-AT is that Star Wars BattleFront made it a SPAWNPOINT for players to spawn at, which gave a real power to the level of ” Hoth ” Over-all I would say this is one of the strongest Vehicles within the game and a whole bunch of great fun to use aswell. 

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