Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Online Gaming Experience!



Console games have always been behind the online shooting curve, but they caught up a little during the past years with LucasArts” Star Wars BattleFront game That stole some thunder from EA’s genre-defining Battlefield series by offering console owners a similar experience with a Star Wars twist on it.


My Personal Experience: I Personally love the Online Game play that Star Wars Battlefront has to offer. Within hours of playing i relised that already there was a few noticable updates since Star wars battlefront 1 was released. Below are some of the updates that Were released and How i feel towards them.


Classes: New classes have been released that i noticed. meaning that you can now play as characters that have never before been added to the game before with all new abilities and weapons, there are some great new characters to play as!


space battles: 
There are now all new space battle and maps that can be played on / unlocked. You can now battle it out in some of the all time favourite locations, this was a great add to the game in my opinion as in the previous BattleFront game some of the best locations were not unlockable and playable which was a letdown, so im glad to see an improvement like this been added to the game.


playable heroes: 
This was my favourite update yet! There are now all NEW PLAYABLE heroes that can be used. You can now play as more powerful than ever Jedi and leaders that will wipe any oppnent you are versing off the map. They are also released with new abilities and powers that are beyond any Jedi`s Imagination. Deffiantly one of my favourite updates to the game. 

Hope you enjoyed this Post update. Please leave comments on your thoughts towards this Blog and also thoughts towards your improvement from Star Wars BattleFront 1 – 2 




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My name is Adrian Cox, a typical 16 year old teenager! Im currently in year 11 and have a school-based traineeship in "Horticulture". My hobbies involve music, exercising, sports, spending time with my girlfriend, going out with my family, and just socialising with my good mates. Im friendly, have an upbeat personality and always up to meeting new people. I love being set a challenge and always do my best to rise to the occasion. Although at times I tend to slack off and get distracted by other tasks easily. One thing I like to do when im not down at the beach or out and about is gaming! My blogs on this site will be based around one of my all time favourite games " Star Wars Battlefront 2" and I will be sharing my personal experience and my thoughts towards the game, So may the force be with you!
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