Welcome! – About the Site – Star Wars BattleFront 2

Hello! To alll Gamers out there,

My name is Adrian Cox designer of this Blogging site. This Site was designed for Gamers and Star Wars Battlefront Fans also people who just want to discover more about Star Wars.

In STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II story mode, players become storm troopers in the 501st division, an elite group of soldiers eventually known as Vader’s Fist, fighting through many major battles of the Star Wars films. Players defend positions, capture bases from the opposition, and carry objects from one base to another. In Galaxy Conquest mode, players control a fleet of Empire or Rebel troops as they fight for control of planets in a star system. Capturing planets and creating more units adds an element of strategy missing from the heavy firefights of the story mode.

The Game also offers a great online Multiplayer server, Were you can travel and verse people in all New updated Maps.

The reason for the making off this Website if for other Gamers who are passionate about Star Wars Battlefront and want to discover more about the game and inside knowledge and also for people who have never played and are just curious on discovering more about this all time favourite Star Wars game. I will do my best to keep posts updated daily about  my experience within the game that I have had and also new Updates and Maps that are released.



About starwarsbloggers

My name is Adrian Cox, a typical 16 year old teenager! Im currently in year 11 and have a school-based traineeship in "Horticulture". My hobbies involve music, exercising, sports, spending time with my girlfriend, going out with my family, and just socialising with my good mates. Im friendly, have an upbeat personality and always up to meeting new people. I love being set a challenge and always do my best to rise to the occasion. Although at times I tend to slack off and get distracted by other tasks easily. One thing I like to do when im not down at the beach or out and about is gaming! My blogs on this site will be based around one of my all time favourite games " Star Wars Battlefront 2" and I will be sharing my personal experience and my thoughts towards the game, So may the force be with you!
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