Star Wars – Quote of the day!

Hello Gamers! 

Today im sharing one of my all time favourite Star Wars quotes with you, I believe this quote is meaningful and has a lot of meaning behind it. Whats your thoughts on your this quote ? …. i know it has a big impact on me!

” Do or Do not … There is no try! ” – Yoda 



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Hello to you all!

Today, Lets take a look at one of my favourite  weapons in the game, The Sniper Rifle! the reason why this is one of my favourite weapons is because of its power to instantly kill your opponent if the shot is aimed well. Although it is a hard weapon to aim once you get the hang of it you will have no problem at destroying anyone who comes in the way of you! The only disadvantage for this weapon is that the firing effect has no damage towards Vehicle `s so when attacking Vehicles a secondary weapon is recommended, Lets take a look at what ” GameFAQs ” has to say about the weapon and the strengths and weaknesses.

========== Strengths: ========== > Two levels of zoom. > Amazingly accurate. > Actually quite powerful as well; will OHKO most enemy infantry (excluding Droidekas) with a single head shot. But hitting them in the body hurts too. > Very unique; there's no other weapon in the game designed for long-range shooting. > PERFECT for shooting exposed heads. I once tried simply zooming in on one laser turret, where the head is normally exposed, then sniping whoever got in it! It was quite amusing to watch

=========== Weaknesses: =========== > If you miss, you'll probably be spotted after a while. > When zooming, you can't see anything else around you. > Fairly small ammo limit. > Useless against vehicles.
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Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Online Gaming Experience!



Console games have always been behind the online shooting curve, but they caught up a little during the past years with LucasArts” Star Wars BattleFront game That stole some thunder from EA’s genre-defining Battlefield series by offering console owners a similar experience with a Star Wars twist on it.


My Personal Experience: I Personally love the Online Game play that Star Wars Battlefront has to offer. Within hours of playing i relised that already there was a few noticable updates since Star wars battlefront 1 was released. Below are some of the updates that Were released and How i feel towards them.


Classes: New classes have been released that i noticed. meaning that you can now play as characters that have never before been added to the game before with all new abilities and weapons, there are some great new characters to play as!


space battles: 
There are now all new space battle and maps that can be played on / unlocked. You can now battle it out in some of the all time favourite locations, this was a great add to the game in my opinion as in the previous BattleFront game some of the best locations were not unlockable and playable which was a letdown, so im glad to see an improvement like this been added to the game.


playable heroes: 
This was my favourite update yet! There are now all NEW PLAYABLE heroes that can be used. You can now play as more powerful than ever Jedi and leaders that will wipe any oppnent you are versing off the map. They are also released with new abilities and powers that are beyond any Jedi`s Imagination. Deffiantly one of my favourite updates to the game. 

Hope you enjoyed this Post update. Please leave comments on your thoughts towards this Blog and also thoughts towards your improvement from Star Wars BattleFront 1 – 2 



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Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Vehicles …… AT – AT Review!



Hello to all Gamers out there, 
Today ill be discussing my all time favourite Star Wars Vehicle the ” AT- AT ” . It is built with such power and destruction and has incredible fire-power and armour. Lets take a look at what ” Strategywiki” commeneted about the AT-AT and the review they gave it. 


A gargantuan, lumbering craft that doubles as a spawn point and carries incredible firepower and armor. Two giant blaster cannons can make trouble for infantry, while a tremendously powerful particle cannon can shoot down snowspeeders, shatter turrets and scatter clumps of infantry.

  • Appears on: Hoth
  • Critical Hit: Neck, upper leg


Although the AT-AT is built with such power and destruction it still falls short of being ” undestructable” 
having critical hit spots on the Neck and Upper Leg, one Vehicle that is able to take down the AT-AT is the Snowspeeder. The rear gunner is armed only with a magnetic harpoon with which to tangle an AT-AT’s legs (here’s how this works: the pilot flies near an AT-AT, the gunner fires the harpoon at it, and the pilot keeps spinning around the walker until it trips). Doing this makes Bringing down the AT-AT 10x easier. Another great feature about the AT-AT is that Star Wars BattleFront made it a SPAWNPOINT for players to spawn at, which gave a real power to the level of ” Hoth ” Over-all I would say this is one of the strongest Vehicles within the game and a whole bunch of great fun to use aswell. 
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Star Wars BattleFront 2 – Yoda VS Darth Vader







Hello Gamers!
The Question is Yoda or Darth Vader? …. who would be your prefered Jedi to battle out the galaxy with? I think this is the most all time ask question as to who has the greater power out of these leaders of the sith and republic.
My personal thoughts towards this question would be swaying towards Yoda being my most prefered character to play as. I love his ability to be able to dash around the various maps and his extreme powers that are unfolded within his character. Both Characters have similar skills, except for Darth Vader being able to use Force choke and Yoda given the power to Force pull, making it up to the gamer to decide who they most prefer playing with. Throughout the game I Believe we are shown a real experience from both sides of the Alliance, have characters such as these two which show great power and add a real gaming experience to this all time great Star Wars game. 
But the question is left to you ….. Who is your Favourite, Yoda or Darth Vader?
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Welcome! – About the Site – Star Wars BattleFront 2

Hello! To alll Gamers out there,

My name is Adrian Cox designer of this Blogging site. This Site was designed for Gamers and Star Wars Battlefront Fans also people who just want to discover more about Star Wars.

In STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II story mode, players become storm troopers in the 501st division, an elite group of soldiers eventually known as Vader’s Fist, fighting through many major battles of the Star Wars films. Players defend positions, capture bases from the opposition, and carry objects from one base to another. In Galaxy Conquest mode, players control a fleet of Empire or Rebel troops as they fight for control of planets in a star system. Capturing planets and creating more units adds an element of strategy missing from the heavy firefights of the story mode.

The Game also offers a great online Multiplayer server, Were you can travel and verse people in all New updated Maps.

The reason for the making off this Website if for other Gamers who are passionate about Star Wars Battlefront and want to discover more about the game and inside knowledge and also for people who have never played and are just curious on discovering more about this all time favourite Star Wars game. I will do my best to keep posts updated daily about  my experience within the game that I have had and also new Updates and Maps that are released.


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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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